Here are links to documentary sources and films online.

China Independent Documentary Film Archive

DA Films: Your Online Documentary Cinema (lots of free streamed films)

Open Culture: 200 Free Documentaries Online



Current TV

Docogora: open space to consider new forms, new platforms, new tools, and new ways of financing creative and socially engaged documentary media – what we call docmedia:

Digital Democracy

MediaWave: a service for Australian screen content creators who want to market and deliver video content online:


Cinema Politica: Screening Truth to Power. Great Resource for political Documentaries

Citizen Shift: Media for social change:

Nomad’s Land 

How Social Media has Changed the Game for Documentary Filmmaking:

Intelligent Television

Kino Eye

Centre for Social Media

Media with conscience

Life in a Day

Documentary film online:


Open film


Third World Newsreel

Documentary Channel

Engage Media


ISEA TV & Media: independant media for social justice:

Witness Blog

Objective Cinema


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