Class #10&11 – Rough Cut Screenings

This week come prepared to present your work.

I will give out a short guide to good critique questions. Each presenter will have 20 minutes including questions from the class.

You will be expected to comment on your colleagues work as part of your overall assessment for this course.

Tues Nov 18th
1.Jing Jing 4:00-4:20
2.Ying 4:20-4:40
3.Kalman 4:40-5:00
4.Salome 5:00-5:20
5.Shawn 5:20-5:40
6.Vicky 6:00-:6:20
7.Victor 6:20-6:40
8.Regina 6:40-7:00
9.Josh 6:40-7:00
 Wed Nov 19th
10.Kei 12:05-12:25
11.Daria 12:25-12:45
12.Emily 12:45-1:15
13.Ariane 1:15-1:35
14.Carmen 1:35-1:55
15.Yu 1:55-2:15
16.Anna 2:15-2:35
17.Mao 2:35-2:55




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