Class #5 – The Interview: Establishing Relationships

This week we look at the interview and the various considerations to make around how to establish relationships, where to put the camera and how to approach the aesthetic dimensions of the interview.

Film screening this week: “Petition” Zhao Liang (2009)

Zhao talks about the film

Articles on the film:


Documentary Interview Tips by Kevin Knoblock

Greenscreen and the ‘direct’ interview: “The Law in these Parts” (2012) Ra’anan Alexandrowicz

Looking directly into the camera:  “The Fog of War ” (2009) Errol Morris

Interviewer on screen: “Roger & Me” (1989) Michael Moore

Interview setting to fit subject matter, Slavoj Žižek in “Examined Life” (2008) Astra Taylor

and filming conversation between two subjects, Judith Butler & Sunaura Taylor, in the same film

Filming a discussion in “Chronicle of a Summer” (1961) Jean Rouch & Edgar Morin

Also great scene in this film where confession is given into Nagra.


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