Tips for Documenting Hong Kong’s Protests

This past week has been quite an intense one. I hope those of you joining the protests are being safe.

In light of our course in documentary production, I wanted to share these interesting tips compiled by Witness on documenting protests.

Tips for Citizens Documenting Hong Kong’s Protests

These tips are great pointers for many kinds of situations. I really like their checklist of things to bring, as well as their discussion of the kinds of shots you need to make sure you get, informed consent, and ways of dealing with people who don’t want to be identified.

I think some of these guidelines are great quick reference points to have in mind when you are shooting, wherever you are.

Check it out.



Our classmate Daria Marchenko has also done some beautiful photography of the protests on her blog: Daria Marchenko Photos.

Please send me your links if you have made work, photos or blogs that you’d like to share here.

Also some SCM teachers, including me, have started a support blog where you can find the statement from some of the faculty and staff at the school, as well as emergency tips, and messages and images posted by faculty.



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