As a follow-up course of SM1006, this course will introduce students to their first experience of independent documentary making. Many great filmmakers have begun their career making documentaries, and today the form is more relevant and popular than ever. Students will be guided step by step in making a 15-20 minute documentary. This includes preliminary research, production planning, treatment writing, shooting, editing and test screening. As students  will deal with different subjects and various socio-cultural conditions, we will tackle issues around establishing relationships, ethics, negotiating interviews,  as well as  exploring various techniques of effective documentation when the use of camera is limited. Methods of material organization, interviewing, and narrative are introduced to prepare students for  making of non-fiction works.  Critiques, screening work-in-progress and engaged discussion in the classroom on the art of documentary making are key components of the course.

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SM2229, Sem A 2014 Professor Shannon Walsh

Room: SM6050 Time: Wednesday 12:15 – 15:05




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School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong SM2229, Sem A 2014 Professor Shannon Walsh